topicplus+ is a hosted system

topicplus+ is tour operator / travel management software using the advanced on-demand hosting services.

With a hosting service overall you pay less and worry less. Hosting services eliminate the need to install and run applications directly on your computer, and remove the inconvenience of ongoing maintenance, operation, and support.

Hosting reduces up-front expenses such as software or hardware purchases including servers, while providing strong protection of your intellectual property and corporate information.

Hosting service means we are responsible for the every-day technical aspects of your business, handling implementing, updating, troubleshooting, monitoring, system administration, back up and data protection, upgrading and everyday support.

Our fully managed (24/7/365) dedicated topicplus+ servers are located at one of the safest and secure data centres in the world who use the best hardware, most sophisticated software systems, and the most qualified hosting engineers/professionals to deliver the highest quality of service which is essential for the running of topicplus+ and our global clients.

One step ahead

tas are continuously evolving to meet the needs of the extensive range of specialist Tour Operators and Travel companies

We stay ahead of the game by making use of the latest development systems so that our system is fast, flexible and adaptive to our clients needs.

Our travel specialist development and implementation UK based team are continuously developing and researching on a daily basis. topicplus+ evolves and grows as a sophisticated Travel Management system incorporating requests and ideas that come from all of our valued clients. As topicplus+ is a hosted/browser based system any enhancements and additions are deployed together with any support issues raised - to all our clients. This means all clients benefit from the latest topicplus+ version.

Our One to One Supporttas champion the personal client support approach that we offer which sees the days of clients having to go through hoops to receive system support is history - no support ticket systems just immediate contact with one of our friendly support team.

Key features

  • NO special hardware/software required - no hardware maintenance costs.
  • NO internal IT expertise needed - we look after this for you.
  • NO backup responsibility - your data backed up daily, fully protected and secure.
  • Anywhere/Any time - wherever you are and if on the move you can access topicplus+ at the click of a button.
  • Future proof technology

Network Speed

All the connections are Gigabit above the server level and the 3 multimillion pound data centres used are connected via high-speed fibre links. Each node can exist independently and still provide connectivity for all in the unlikely event that a connection is severed. Only the best switches and routers are used for reliability and multiple bandwidth providers are also used for outstanding redundancy.

Data Backup

Our back-up solution utilises at least two NAS machines in RAID-5 which securely hold each accounts data. Our server automatically initialises and runs a full system backup on a daily basis at convenient times of the day.

The data centre uses two NAS machines - one machine backs up the other at regular intervals, giving our clients 4 times the security.

System | Data Security

topicplus+ is fully covered by SSL so all data such as credit card numbers, client details etc. are encrypted. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online/system transactions with their customers.

PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for creditcard processing - click here for further information

topicplus+ is fully compliant with the new Data Protection legislation (GDPR) being introduced in May 2018.

Recovery | Uptime

Our fully managed dedicated server is supported 24x7 (365 days a year). The server runs a Server Density monitor to check for use and to monitor all server activity and also has an APC Remote Reboot switch – 100% Power Uptime and 99.9% Network Uptime.


topicplus+ runs on all PC's, Mac's, laptop's, netbook's and virtually any web enabled device such as iPads, Androids, Tablets etc.

topicplus+ recommended browser - Mozilla Firefox download here

Please note all other browser's are compatible with topicplus+.


  • Server - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache
  • Database - MySQL
  • Development Language - PHP







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topicplus+ the first class Reservation, Booking, Administration, Accounting system inhouse or online for all specialist tour operators and travel companies from tas.

topicplus+ is fully compliant with the new Data Protection (GDPR) legislation being introduced in 2018 - you are covered with tas !

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