tas are well established now as one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive software / system solutions for cruise companies and cruise agents online and back office.

topicplus+ gives real-time access to cabin availability, reduction of inventory, cruise fares/pricing by cabin category and occupancy, relevant port taxes, deck plans, clients documentation including confirmation invoices, cruise vouchers, itineraries etc. and much more.

Some of the Cruise module functions:-

  • Ship details
  • Sailing details
  • Deck plans
  • Cabin layout
  • Cabin enquiriesicon cruise
  • Block/unblock cabins
  • Cabin – option expiry
  • Boarding Lists
  • Ships and Berthing Lists
  • Cruise Passport Reports
  • Cruise Manifests
  • Next of Kin Reports
  • Cruise Vouchers
  • Cruise Tickets
  • Cruise Sales & Revenue Reports
  • Cruise Supplier Payments & Approval
  • Passenger Lists
  • Ship Sales Return
  • Cruise Only Bookings
  • Cabin types for each cruise company/ship
  • Confidentiality Report

 NB: topicplus+ is continuously evolving and being developed - there will be new functions which may not be included in these screenshots - please contact tas for further details

New Clients...

  • The Bespoke Travel Group
  • Nordic Destinations
  • Art Pursuits Abroad
  • Greencard Golf Holidays
  • The Villa Collection
  • Cycology Travel
  • Tangney Tours

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topicplus+ the first class Reservation, Booking, Administration, Accounting system inhouse or online for all specialist tour operators and travel companies from tas.

topicplus+ is fully compliant with the new Data Protection (GDPR) legislation being introduced in 2018 - you are covered with tas !

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