topicplus+ is an extremely flexible and user friendly system solution available for small, medium, large tour operators and specialist niche travel companies.

topicplus+ is a hosted web based tour operator sales and management system which gives you comprehensive Booking, Administration, all client travel documentation and extensive Accounting functionality.

topicplus+ is simply accessed through any browser, at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Want to start selling your holiday products online ? Our white label solution is cost effective, simple to integrate with your website and uses our extremely powerful topicplus+ Web Service.

  • User friendly in-house and extremely flexible for online connectivity.
  • Removing the technical aspect away from the user.
  • Visually intuitive and simplifies the processes that are essential to the user - i.e. setup, quick & simple booking process, automatic travel documentation, reporting etc.
  • Enhancing Customer Service that reservations provide to the client.
  • Future Proof technology
  • Fully compliant with the new Data Protection (GDPR) Legislation being introduced in 2018.



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  • The Bespoke Travel Group
  • Nordic Destinations
  • Art Pursuits Abroad
  • Greencard Golf Holidays
  • The Villa Collection
  • Cycology Travel
  • Tangney Tours

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topicplus+ the first class Reservation, Booking, Administration, Accounting system inhouse or online for all specialist tour operators and travel companies from tas.

topicplus+ is fully compliant with the new Data Protection (GDPR) legislation being introduced in 2018 - you are covered with tas !

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