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The Enquiry System is an optional add-on module for topicplus+ that adds a pre-sales process and allows you to convert any enquiry automatically into a booking.

Have you ever felt overloaded by information and always having to go into multiple programs to find the answer you need about your travel enquiry ? Look no further than topicplus+.

The Enquiry System allows you to create custom “questionnaires” that can be used to capture information about customers during a pre-sales process. For example it could be a record of their travel  prcrmeferences or notes about conversations you have had with the customer. This can be designed to tightly integrate into the booking process by allowing you to create mailing records and bookings from within an enquiry.

The Enquiry System is completely flexible and you can store any type of data you want - free text boxes, long answers, short answers, answers in a drop down. It can even be split into sections where you can collect as much or as little information about your client and their requirements. 

Certain fields can then be mapped to fields within topicplus+ bookings and mailing records so that when you create a mailing record and a booking the information is already auto populated for you. 

Furthermore there is a complete audit trail so you can keep a history of changes / updates to the enquiry.

White Label

If you also opt for our White Label you have the option of collecting enquiries via our online my-holiday-booking site. There is the option to have a enquiry landing page which can detail and explain the form before taking the client to the form.

Once a user has completed an enquiry the system can be configured to create a mailing record automatically and also then e-mail the response to the client. If the client is already in the system it will match the enquiry to their current mailing record. 

Who needs a 3rd party CRM when topicplus+ does this all for you and much much more...

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