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topicplus+ has many features - below are some of the reports / functions which are essential to any tour operator or travel company:-

  • Flight Manifest / Transport Manifests
  • Accommodation Arrivals list
  • Tour / Arrivals Report
  • Option Expiry Reportreporting
  • Resort Report
  • Rooms Assigned / Not Assigned Reports
  • Passenger List / Manifest
  • Tour Passenger list
  • Car Hire / Transfer Report
  • Pre / Post Accommodation Report
  • Special Requests Report
  • Booking Change / Segment Report
  • Confirmed with Supplier key
  • Direct Emailing of Vouchers to Suppliers
  • Supplier login for Accommodation Arrivals List
  • Instant emailing of Accommodation Arrivals / Rooming List
  • File Upload for Suppliers, Tours, Accommodation
  • Departure Diary
  • Booking Action Report
  • Tour Action Report
  • Tour File Upload (store related documentation against the tour)

NB: All reports can be produced in PDF or exported to a spreadsheet CSV (i.e. Excel etc.).

For more information and a complete list of available reports please contact us.

Client specific reports are available and can be developed based on your companies specific requirements.

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topicplus+ the first class Reservation, Booking, Administration, Accounting system inhouse or online for all specialist tour operators and travel companies from tas.

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